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The Heart of Perfection by Colleen Carroll Campbell
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Thanks for stopping by my online home! I’m an author, speaker, journalist and former presidential speechwriter – as well as a wife and mom of four who loves good books, tough hikes and quiet moments with God (when I can get them). My passion is connecting today’s busy women and men with the spiritual wisdom of those who went before us, and sharing my own stories and struggles so we all feel less alone. I hope you’ll make yourself at home here and join me on this journey.

Author Colleen Carroll Campbell

The Latest Update

Join me this Saturday (May 16) for a free virtual mini-retreat for moms sponsored by the Diocese of Metuchen. I’m delivering the keynote on “No Perfect Mothers in a Pandemic.” Details here.

Struggling with impatience or perfectionism as COVID forces you into the unfamiliar terrain of homeschooling or working from home? I’ve been there (man, have I been there!), and the saints  helped me find a way out. To learn how they can do the same for you, check out The Heart of Perfection. It’s also available on Barnes & Noble, from the retailers below, or via struggling indies on Bookshop.

For all who were planning to attend my canceled spring conferences, please know I’m as disappointed as you—though I do think staying home is the right thing to do. See my CNS op-ed for more on that: “Playing it safe is pro-life.”

Here’s a free sample of The Heart of Perfection audiobook, narrated by yours truly. And if you want to read the book alongside Scripture, you might enjoy my (free!) five-day reading plan for the YouVersion Bible App, which has had more than 2,500 completions from users of the app. Happy reading!

The Heart of Perfection:

How the Saints Taught Me to Trade My Dream of Perfect for God’s

The Heart of Perfection by Colleen Carroll Campbell
Library Journal review of The Heart of Perfection

Meet Colleen

Colleen Carroll Campbell is an award-winning author, print and TV journalist, and former presidential speechwriter. Her books include her critically acclaimed journalistic study, The New Faithful, and her spiritual memoir, My Sisters the Saints, which won two national awards and has been published in five languages. Colleen has written for The New York Times, Washington Post . . . 

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